Why don’t posse tracks have replay value?


Posse tracks are one of the biggest things in hip-hop. They pop up in every era and region of hip-hop, and they always seem to have a lot of attention drawn to them. Despite all the interest they seem to get at the time of their release, though, they don’t seem to have the replay value of classics. I mean people remember the tracks because they were so popular at one point, but you don’t hear people banging old school posse tracks like that, or even ones that just aren’t new in general.

The simple answer would be that they’re just not that good, but I can’t really agree with that. I mean, many amazing rappers spit great verses on these cuts. Like when Big Daddy Kane ripped “The Symphony” or Z-ro in the “Stomp (remix)” among others. Posse cuts, and other huge collaborative events like the BET ciphers usually bring good verses out of rappers because of the competitive spirit of the genre. In hindsight, I’ve rarely heard rappers rip a normal song like some rip posse tracks.

Lots of kind of songs are a little overboard though, like the Game’s “One Blood (remix” where the songs going on over 10 minutes, or more recently “Suspect” off of Joey Bada$$ 1999 mixtape, where they’re just too long and don’t really hold your interest past one listen.

In conclusion, posse cuts have an interesting exponential effect of hip-hop because they really aren’t listened too much after their initial introduction; but still have a lot of impact with them like introducing artists to a different fanbase, competition, makes relationships between rappers, etc. What are some of ya’ll favorite posse cuts? Why do ya’ll think these kind of songs don’t seem to last long? Comment below and tell me what you think.

Favorite posse cut from last year tho:


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