Pusha T – “Wrath of Caine” Review

GOOD Music emcee, former clipse member, Virginia native, Pusha T just came out with this Wrath of Caine mixtape.

This mixtape fits almostly perfectly in the current industry archtype for rap music. Industry beats, industry features, industry clichés (Jamaican doing intro), industry subjects, etc.

What in the world was going on with “Doesn’t Matter”, though? Was they just at some rich rapper party and Montana was drunk and was like “Ay Pushuh T le’s hobbin da studi-ya and mek a sawng”. A couple of other Pusha’s hooks were just demoralized by feature artists, so I hope that doesn’t carry over to the album.

Anyway, Pusha’s nice as usual with his subtle lyrical depth and whatnot. So subtle, that I’m not sure it’s really intentional. Anyway, T is on his superiority tip on this mixtape. He’s saying stuff like “Since ya’ll claim I’m illuminati, tell me why would you try me?” So this is stuff that you wanna play when you wanna flex on somebody.

or more appropriately

Like a said before, this is an industry sounding mixtape. All da beats are good, but ain’t none of them greeeeat, not to me anyway. I really mess with that “Millions” beat, as expected from something with Kanye West’s name on it. Revolution is tight as hell to (as expected from a Neptunes-Push collab), it had a lot more potential though, but Pusha kinda dumbed down the flow. The beats kinda walk the middle line and jumps to excellence on a few tracks.

Overall this is a cool mixtape, I’ma be bumping a few songs off this joint every now and then, but some will remain skippables. I suppose Pusha ain’t trying to give us too much before his album (“It’s just an appetizer” according to him), which is cool with me as long as he delivers. Be ready for the album in sometime early this year.

From whack to Ice-cold this joint coo…

My favorites: “Only You Can Tell It” “Millions”

Songs That Blew Me: “Doesn’t Matter”


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