#7 Apollo Brown & O.C. – Trophies

This album brings back the sound of the late ‘90s/early 2000s, but it does it in a way that sounds so good and really just lets the sound reenter the hip-hop scene. It’s no news that Apollo Brown is an amazing producer and O.C. raps with an O.G. style that doesn’t feel preachy or like “well back in my day”. Just sounds tight.

Like I said this is on some early Dilated Peoples, Jurassic 5, Black Star, basically just millennium era rap. The “special” part about this album is that it does that, but it’s not like on some dated stuff. Kinda like how Joey Bada$$ is with his style, except O.C. is his name with a G and without da C instead of a young’un. Simple math: Seasoned rapper + Bomb producer = great album.

I can’t stress enough of how O.C. is an O.G., like if you ever talked to or had an O.G. he’d remind you him. Like “Anotha One” is on some old people’s ish, it’s not like a Currensy or Wiz smoke song. And then, “We the People” O.C. is talking about some Kumbaya stuff with people doing each other wrong and how we need to take a stand with each other, but he don’t sound like he’s on some kiddy “world peace”, when you let a lil kid do the prayer stuff; but on the experience tip.

“I’m the the same boat, tryna stay afloat.

tryna take my own advice from the rhymes that I write”

This emcee of this duo is also proficient in his concepts. You got “Nautica” where he’s comparing himself to natural disasters and “The Pursuit” in which his rhymes are all related to cars.

The production, I couldn’t begin to explain how and why its so good, but it just has that early underground 2000’s sound to it. They all sound real… chimy. It’s a nice difference from the sound today, because it’s different from that big bass industry sound, or that electro fusion sound some people been into lately.

And with that you have a modern retrospective in music. Now enjoy my favorite track of this jahnt.


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