#6 Aesop Rock – Skelethon

This. Joint. Is. Greatness!

This man took 5 years to make this album, and the attention to detail shows in every track. Honestly, to me Aesop is a poet first and a rapper second. There is a lot of intricacies to his prose, you feel me. People don’t really understand what he’s talking about, and forreal forreal I don’t even understand everything he’s talking about. It’s not the artists’ responsibility to concern about the education of the audience though, it’s his responsibility to have great art. And this… oh ho ho, this is great art.

Like most of the great albums of the year, this one is filled with well-defined concepts and different ones to boot. You go from subjects like Aesop’s distancing from his family to a frickin’ Donut Shop. But despite the variety, one thing stays the same — This man’s lyrical complexity. Aesop Rock is extremely metaphysical, he gives a vibe and vision with all his lyrics and he has a crazy vocabulary. He consistently utters words I’ve never even heard of and I consider myself to have a respectable vocabulary for the average person. Had me up in my dictionary app with this:

“And surface from the cellar door

like worms into the petrichor”

Petrichor? Sheesh. And he be flowing with it too. The part that song is from, Tetra he’s really just going in, taking a break from the concepts to just talk trash and spit heat. ZZZ top he also is grooving with the beat and constructs his words to fit that cadence at the same time for every verse. Speaking of ZZZ Top, that joint is just…

And this joint is filled with rock beats that match Aesop’s style so well. When Aesop is going for a groovy sound the rock sound fits it, and when things are supposed to be eerie then the beat will reflect that. “Gopher Guts” exemplifies this with its beat that kinda has dreary moaning in it along with other sounds to fit that mood.

Overall, Aesop reigns supreme with his lyrical prowess. He makes songs that are so deep, complex, and intelligent, but at the same time he doesn’t sacrifice the great sound of his music. Don’t sleep.


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