#5 Ab-Soul – Control System

Back in May, when I first heard Terrorist Threats I was amazed by this dude. All I knew about him was that he was one of Kendrick Lamar’s homies or whatever. That song stayed on repeat on my iPhone and I was sitting on my computer refreshing the page ready to but Control System as soon as it came out. I was sure that joint was going to be the album of the year.

Needless to say I was right. Kinda. Well not really, but this album is still hellfire man. Soulo has amazing wordplay, charisma, and perhaps the best concept creating skill of the new generation of hip-hop (Nod to Nibiru). Oh yeah and he also has amazing wordplay. This guy is characterized by his good wordplay, and he lets you know right in the beginning of the song.

“I can see you half-steppin

I should somersault

Some-are-salty that I did it in the way I did”

And it goes on and on and on… Especially on the next track. Ya’ll just gon have to go ahead and listen though, cuz if I keep quoting I won’t stop, album is full of quotables. The black-lip bastard is also talented in making hooks and whatnot. Unlike some other lyrical rappers (*ahemJcoleaopeshdgahemahem) Ab-Soul doesn’t weaken when it comes to hooks. With the contagious hook of “Bohemian Grove” and catchy chorus of “Lust Demons” among others, you can’t ever say that Soul is weak on the verses OR the hooks.

Concepts is on point as he can make tracks about how people treat males and females differently in situations regarding sexual interactions and whatnot with “Double Standards”. Then he also has an “anti-system” rally along with a song comparing him to Job from the bible, and his relationship with his close friend who committed suicide. He sticks to his concepts well and thoroughly, he doesn’t veer off subject or nothing, which is always commendable.

On top of all that good stuff, the songs just sound so great. Songs like “Showin’ Love” where his flow is so on-point and he switches up his delivery on top of a bananas beat. If you listening on some decent headphones/speakers you’ll hear how great these joints sound. One example, you hear his voice waving from left to right on the hook.  The beats are all really tight and fit the mood of the song, and there’s really no exceptions in this case. “Terrorist Threats” has a real eerie mood that makes you empathize with Ab and feel like there’s all the government secrets being held from you, “Bohemian Grove” has a cool and upbeat instrumental that fits the relaxed mood of, well, messin’ wit females.

There’s a reason why I could feel how great this album was going to be just off one song, and Ab-Soul’s not done if he keeps on the track he’s been on. He’s been on a roll with his features, so look out for him.


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