#3 Killer Mike – R.A.P. Music

I been listening to Killer Mike since Pledge II, and I’ve always messed with his music and knew he was a top tier rapper, but he just needed a little something to show and prove or whatever. Don’t get me wrong Pledge II is one of the best albums in its lane and Pl3dge was a great album, but RAP Music is that heat boy. This is what Mike needed to be like “Hey I’m a don in this rap game, you better recognize me.”

Maaaaan Mike and El-P have great chemistry on this whole thang. Sound like the beats were tailor made for the guy. I read somewhere that the songs just flowed out when Mike worked with El and it shows because they match together so well throughout this whole joint. Each song pretty much has a vibe to it and the vocals and beat match it so well. “Reagan” Mike’s talking bout some conspiracy stuff and the beat and his delivery is so deep and dark and makes you feel like hey we’re under like some dark rule. Or in “Untitled” where he’s talking about his inner struggles, paranoia, etc. and the beat is really deep to match. If you listen you’ll see what I’m saying the chemistry is some of the best of heard between a producer and rapper in YEARS.

Of course, Bigga’s lyrics are on point too. This guy is arguably the best storytelling rapper the current age, with stories like “Jojo’s Chillin’” which has a lot of personality to it, and it’s just so engaging without sacrificing cadence or being too simplistic lyrically. “Don’t Die” is another story which has a lot of other great stuff in the beat transitions and all that, but the lyrics just show such a pure distaste for the corruption of the system. Killa Kill sort of has the traits of a young Ice Cube or Public Enemy with how he has such a strong political opinion in his lyrics. Then he has amazing and poetic moments like:

“Fuckin’ with them Jezebel whorés

Liars of Delilah

Even marrying a Pandora

Pretty parasite she will use ya

This ain’t what ya used ta

Stone-cold bitch she Medusa”

And as usual El-P produces that crack. Like I said earlier, “Don’t Die” has a great gritty sound that sounds similar to music you’d hear on old T.V. Shows like The Twilight Zone, at first then it jumps to a hard Hip-Hop beat, to a Video-Game going through the hard part of the level beat, to an “Oh snap, it’s the boss battle” beat. This beatmaker is on point, bro.

R.A.P. Music brings back the energy of Ice Cube, the storytelling of Biggie or Slick Rick, the flow of Raekwon, and has great content, personality, concepts, production, and (even with those similarities) uniqueness. Killer Mike and El-P have an overall great hip-hop album with this one.



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