#2 Nas – Life is Good

Yep, Nas is pretty much just legendary in hip-hop. Been in the game for ages and still hasn’t fell off. This album specifically kinda shows how “adult” he is, rapping bout grown man things like his daughter and divorce and how it was for him back in the day. His flow is impeccable, rhyme schemes on point. You really can tell he’s a genius/expert/veteran in his craft.

ALL the songs on this joint are good except “Summer on Smash”. Screw that song. I hope that song dies and burns in hell.

That song is super irritating. But anyway, yeah Nas lacks weakness in his rap. He’s been doing this a long time and it shows. He usually has features for hooks, but when he does them himself they’re well done. No pointless features. The songs all have a concise point to them, without being corny or contrived. Beats are jamming, well-mastered and all that good stuff.

Nas’ lyrics are nice, concepts are good and he stays on subject. He has really great imagery in his lyrics and even says some things you might not catch the first listen through. A good example is in “Loco-Motive” he’s like:

“At night, New York

Eat a slice, too hot

Use my tongue to tear the skin hangin’ from the roof of my mouth”

That’s one of my favorite lines off this joint despite its surface simplicity. I’m sure this has happened to one of ya’ll before if you hawngry and you got some hot pizza. But when he says use his tongue to tear the skin he’s saying his tongue is sharp, like a metaphor for how he use his words and—yea you get it, it’s tight.

This joint is just an example of someone who really knows what they’re doing with this rap thing nowhumsayin?


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