#*1* El-P Cancer 4 Cure + Honorable Mentions

Yeah, I know a lot of ya’ll disagree with this one or are just wondering what in the world this is (idgaf btw), but this album was absolutely amazing and I feel, if heard, it will have a significant impact on the future of rap.

EVERYTHING El-P does on the album is amazing from the lyrics, delivery, production, song structure, EVERYTHING. You can tell that he put years into this project. This wasn’t just some yearly album that he drops like most rappers/producers/artists/whatever. The beats transition with flawless finesse in every song and each song blends to the next. All the instrumentals are NEW. The sound of this album is NEW, El-P makes something that we haven’t heard before. You can’t say this is some everyday stuff that you can pass up listening to. I’d have to go song by song (because the instrumentals are so unique) to describe exactly how good and innovative these tracks are.

Producto’s lyrics are so

Can’t even explain it with words. They’re so poetic and flow so well. This hip-hop artist has such an… armamentarium of words and he uses it thoroughly. His vocabulary is so dense, and with it he can craft tons of effective and catchy flows along with paint amazing (yet likely bleak) images with his lyrics. I cannot stress this enough. If you love Hip-Hop you must MUST MUST check out this album. And give it a few listens too, because even I didn’t get it at first, but then I just had a revelation about these beats and how deep the lyrics were. The way he can drop the beat like 3 times in one song. How he transitions it to cater to featured artists’ styles. Nah man you can’t convince me that this is anything short of ridiculously amazing yo.

Honorable Mentions

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – The Heist: This joint was mad tight in the same way a lot of the other albums were. Just good concepts, subject matter, creativity, etc. This man made history by doing so well, independent. Screw a record label.

Big K.R.I.T. – Live from the Underground: Not as amazing as expected, but still a very great album. Featured a lot of K.R.I.T.’s top notch production and even a guest feature from B.B. King.

Sean Price – Mic Tyson: Just pure testosterone-driven rap. Sean Price has witty wordplay, and is just a real thug ass nigga.

Reks – Rebelutionary: Really great sounding album all the way through, and Reks really has something to say as you can tell by the title.

Pep Love – Rigmorale: Pep Love of the legendary Hieroglyphics crew drops a good album. Sort of falls off in the middle though.

Chamillionaire – Ammunition: Couldn’t really put this on either list because it’s not really an album or a mixtape, but this joint has some really great songs in it.

And yeah I’m gonna stop there. 2012 was a good year. Enjoy these ear-blessings I have granted you children.

Tell me what you think about my list. What albums did you enjoy most of 2012? Comment below negrows.


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