My top 10 Hip-Hop albums of 2012 ~ #10 Death Grips – The Money Store

What’s cracking ya’ll, itz me, the rap connoisseur, seer of sounds, or just your everyday humble diabolical fellow. In my (well-informed) opinion 2012 is been a big and great year for Hip-Hop music, and there has been so many fantastic albums dropped this year. I honestly felt bad towards the lower end of my list because there’s so many albums this year that deserve recognition. I’ll get to a few of those later, but first eat these rankings ho.

The cover look crazy, but it ain’t got nothin’ on the music…

Death Grips is probably the craziest stuff I’ve ever listened to, but I like it. A lot of people wouldn’t categorize it as Hip-hop, but to me, even with the freaked out style it just feels like Hip-Hop with such a crazy and unique edge to it.

To be honest, even though it feels like Hip-hop, it’s Death Grips. Like that’s the genre. Everything is innovative everything is new with this. MC Ride’s lyrics, style, the way his voice goes over the beat is just Death Grips and no one else. The semi-electronic, noisy, punk/metal rock sound is Death Grips. The songs kinda just go through without any real struggle to them. Even though there are highs and lows, you aren’t just listening to the song for one part, the whole experience kinda captures you.

Once you understand what the hell MC Ride is saying, you really feel him as a.. well emcee, and not just some guy yelling on some wacky rock-electro-metalpunk-noise songs. He has such a defined rhythm on these craaaazy instrumentals, like at the end of the fever when he’s just going in

Also, his lyrics are complex and they have more punch to them than the average writer. He doesn’t just tell you stuff he expresses it metaphorically, like in “Hustle Bones” the hook is “Hustle bones comin owt mah mouffff” which is like a metaphor or wordplay from him making bones (cash) with his lyrics. And then, for the most part his style is just this cynical, homicidal, insane, drugged-out, yet ingenious persona. Example is “Guerrila bass, straight from the trenches, posers impaled on picket fences.” …. So gruesome.

The sound behind the lyrics is practically just as characteristic as MC Ride. I really can’t begin to explain what kind of sound this actually is. And from that sound I really have a love/hate (well actually more like indifference than hate) relationship with this album from song to song. I mean, you get the like “jungle chase” bongo rhythm of “Get Got” that sort of changes to what, to me, sounds like a dubstep beat and it sounds so good and is so catchy. I actually try to make the sound of the drop with my voice and whatnot. The “Fuck That” beat with it’s tribal dance/electronic sound to it is super-cool to me too. But then there’s songs like “Blackjack” or “The Cage” where I don’t feel much but rave background music ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Death Grips’ music is some crazy stuff to get into, but once you’re into it, it’s so catchy and fun to listen to. And despite all the noise going around there’s depth to the lyrics. Maybe not so much content-wise, but the guy is saying something and he’s saying it in a way that he’s actually showing you and not just telling you. I know typical hip-hop listeners will be like:

but give it a chance. Or you’ll regret it.


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