#9 ScHoolboy Q – Habits & Contradictions

Man this joint came out so long ago I forgot it came out in ’12 for a second. I could’ve sworn this album came out in ’11. Anyway, this is another part of the TDE catalog that puts them near the top of rap game at the moment. What makes this album so good is that its so multi-dimensional and natural/raw at the same time. Not to mention Q really just owns this album.

What I mean by multi-dimensional is this guy makes songs about damn near anything and feels like that’s his lane. He makes personable songs like “Blessed” and “Sacrilegious” and doesn’t sound contrived or out of place. He makes party jams like “Druggys Wit Hoes Again”, spitting songs like “2 Raw” and “Nightmare on Figg St.”, accessible joints like “Hands on the Wheel” and “There He Go”. Like this dude can make a song about nearly anything and feel at home. This is funny because in this interview he said he felt uncomfortable with people in the studio while he’s recording; but maybe that’s why he sounds so comfortable on these tracks.

At the same time, he owns this project because it’s him. Q has a creative style with how he drawls out some lines or has some funny ad-libs like “Yakyak!” and “Oot oot!” He also has his little moments in songs where he’s just talking like in “My Hatin’ Joint” when he’s like “paid this much much for the belt I’d better crack”. Or in “My Homie” when he’s like “Who da f*ck you on the phone with!?… Maaaannn” Q is transparent for the most part in these songs like when he raps in “Blessed” you feel the emotion and distress in his voice, “It’ll be okay… you’ll be straight, it’ll be aight. Ay f*ck that sh*t! Whatever you need yo I got it.”

Solid album, solid emcee, one of the best albums of last year. If you thought Q wasn’t that great take a listen because this dude is legit.


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