#8 Rapsody – The Idea of Beautiful

This album slipped under my radar at first, but I was hype when I found out about it. This is some great music man. It’s on some new-age boom-bap hip-hop swag with a slight southern twang to it. You can also feel the deep Lauryn Hill influence on this album, along with other older hip-hop artists.

Rapsody kept it so hip-hop with this joint. That’s kinda a good and bad thing at da same time, but what’s good about it is she flows well and has some cool punchlines speckled it, with profound subject matter. “Motivation” with the legendary Big Rube is exactly what the song says, its motivating. It’s also reminiscent of “Git Up, Git Out.” The Content is pretty deep and it matches the soulful yet classic hip-hop vibe of the album.

She also subtly shows a different outlook of being a female, which is rare in hip-hop without the vulgarities of Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim. “Good Good Love” is about her relationship with a guy that she can’t seem to let go of, and “Motivation” she says “get your ends touched” which stood out to me without being obnoxious, like “HEY GUYS I’M A FEMALE RAPPER LOOK LOOK!”

The beats are really great too. She gets a ton of tracks from the legendary 9th Wonder who she has great chemistry with, and a few other producers on here. The overall sound of the album is really neo-soul-y, jazzy, and laid-back. Lots of guitars, smooth piano, and singing samples. I don’t dislike one beat on here.

What makes this album great is it has a new sound with a deep influence of older hip-hop. It’s also so well-balanced. The subject matter is deep, beats are great sounding, she has some wordplay, nice flow and rhyme patterns. Just overall good hip-hop ish.


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