Aight so ya’ll heard da XXL Freshman 10 list is coming up and probably have voted for whoever you want to be in or whatever. A lot of people voting in some dudes dat are already a lil deep in the game, I think the freshman list are for breakouts or for lesser known artists, but we not talking bout dat.


Basically out of da people on da list I think Trouble is the most deserving of a spot. He’s been flying a little under the radar, but he’s got mad talent. Trouble is amazing at making hooks, like the one he did for Big Beast on Killer Mike’s well-acclaimed, R.A.P. Music album.

The ATL rapper also has a real unique flow/delivery. It kinda reminds you of B.G. from the Hot Boyz, but then it’s just different and unique on its own. He shows this really well on his feature on “F*ck the City Up”

But that’s just features, he goes in on his mixtapes “431 Days” and “December 17th”.

He has a strong denial towards conformists, he keeps it real in all his raps. Trouble also has a wide range of topics like being real, or people not deserving being done wrong, etc. It’s on some hood stuff, but he still is a conscious rapper.

Stay tuned to XXL to see if Trouble makes a spot on the top 10.

And check out 431 Days and December 17th


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