Wale – “Folarin” Review

While we all wait for the Jerry Seinfield-assisted “Album About Nothing”, Wale gives us the “Folarin” mixtape to hold us over if you can’t wait for some new Wale material. Pretty sure you could’ve waited though, Wale could’ve kept this. Standout tracks just aren’t here. This project is 21 tracks of “OK” songs. You don’t feel any growth from Wale on this and it concerns you about the state of his upcoming album which has a LOT of potential.

The beats on this joint are decent, ain’t none of them all that great aside from a couple of hype joints that you’d bump in da whip like “Flat Out” and “GetMeDoe”, but in those cases it seems like a sacrifice cuz he’s not talking bout anything. The beats, like the songs themselves don’t really stand out much. There’s two exceptions with “Chun Li” which has a real happy, bouncy, almost cartoon-opening sounding beat; and “Never Never freestyle” which sounds like some old school lo-fi soul stuff. Some of the beats sound awful familiar though.

Actually since Wale’s flow doesn’t differ much from song-to-song nowadays, some whole songs sound familiar. When I listen to “Street Runner”, I swear I’m listening to “Double M Genius” again. Even “Ji-Dope” sounds crazy similar to “Drums N Shit” and “Lace Frontin”.

Wale spends most of the tape whining about what he feels is lack of respect or the corruption of money, but he has some unique concepts sprinkled in. “H2O” is a song about social networks and the new wave of “thirst” that people been surfing on lately. “Bad” is another one of those songs about a chick with issues that Wale likes to make a song about. “Skool Daze” is some cool school puns. Nothing amaaaazing though, and garbage like “killed da pussy with its eyes open” is the opposite.

The DMV native spits when he really wants to, like when he sices how fucks this girl saying “psycho killer, M. Bison psycho crush drill her.” Or the wordplay he uses when he says “my these coons is maricons.”

For those of you who dislike exercising your ability to read, basically this mixtape doesn’t have anything that brings you back to it, and even has stuff that makes you not want to listen to it or listen to something else.

From whack to ice-cold this is lukewarm.

Favorite Tracks: “Limitless” “Never Never freestyle”

Songs That Blew Me: “The One-Eyed Kitten Song”

“Double M G”—I meant “Street Runner” and “Lace Fr”… I mean “Ji-Dope”


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