Casey Veggies – “Life Changes” Review

If you checked out my top 10 mixtapes of last year, you’d know that I’ve already taken a liking to Young Veggies. He sort of fits in the same lane as rappers like Dom Kennedy and Curren$y by subject matter and production choice, but what makes Casey Veggies different is his youthful outlook and his varied delivery. However, unlike Customized Greatly Vol. 3, this isn’t exactly his best example of that.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad tape at all. As usual, the beats are great. They’re all smooth and soulful or happy and upbeat, great to just chill out to. Besides those kind of beats he has a lot of headbangers too, like “Everything Wavy” that make you want to get up out your seat.

Casey’s flow is good too overall. On, the aforementioned “Everything Wavy” he’s just going in the whole song, flippin up the flow and delivery effortlessly and sounding so comfortable with it.

Some of the songs just don’t stick though. In “Faces” the end of the song just seems drawn out for no reason and the rest of it is kinda lukewarm in the first place. And in “Life” the song is going well until he starts rapping the same way he did the hook, but he picks it up later; it just made the song more redundant than it had to be. On the other end he has some super catchy hooks (i.e. “Whip It”). Concepts have never been Veggies’ super strong suit, but he pulls it off loosely in the songs like “The Team” where he uses a lot of sports-related puns in the first verse and talks about him playing ball. The Ulterior Motives part of track 9 displays this well too. Aside from the little nitpicks in some of the songs and some weird tempo changes, this album runs smooth all the way through…. Til’ I love me some you…

As a wrap up, this mixtape defines Casey’s music well and has a good sound, all the beats are good, some are fantastic. Casey raps well on the tracks, he feels comfortable on all the songs and doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses in his rap skills. He lacks on the originality and song structure end some, though and it takes away from the tape and ultimately takes away from the potential of the project.

On a scale from whack to ice-cold, I’d give this a cool.

Favorites: “Everything Wavy”

Songs That Blew Me: “I Love Me Some You”

Also, check out this track that didn’t make the mixtape. It’d be one of my favorites too, if included.

Fuck Witchu

And you can download Life Changes here


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