Tight New Instrumentals

Got a couple of new instrumentals for ya’ll to listen to from two beatmakers that have caught my eye.

The first two are from this guy Khalil Nova. He makes a bunch of nice, spacey kinda beats with lots of distortion sounds. He’s an excellent and innovative producer with a new sound. Take a listen.

Khalil Nova has some other songs there on his soundcloud that are good. I personally mess with Gunnin4apalace and Blunt 52, so if you like those joints you’ll definitely like the others.

The next two are from my homie Soule. He makes a lot of really mellow, chill, and smooth beats. Some stuff I’d expect a weedhead to just sit back and smoke to. Check out these head bangers.

Now I can’t give ya’ll permission to just up and rap on these joints, so if you feeling these beats and wanna rap on them please PLEASE contact the respective producers. And if you don’t well… that’s between ya’ll. You can reach them on twitter this way:

@KhalilNov @iamSoule


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