Singles of the Week (1/11/2013)

Couple of noteworthy singles been dropped this past week, ya’ll need to listen to this.

First we got a new Pusha T track with Rick Ross, nothing too special, but the beat is tight as hell.

My man Killer Mike hops into the All Gold Everything train and drops his own freestyle on it. And as usual he doesn’t disappoint. Killer Mike is one of my favorite emcees right now.

Atmosphere comes out with a posse track with labelmate Brother Ali and a couple of other guys that I honestly haven’t heard of. But this is a nice jam.

My man Phantom from the Ill Doots group makes a quick PSA track called “Narcississies”, a song based around the concept of these guys being attention whores on twitter; and I mess with that concept cuz I’m anti-soft. But anyway, ya’ll gotta check it out it’s real catchy especially at the end.

And another Philly native, Black Thought has a freestyle set to appear on J. Period’s mixtape to NY State of Mind.


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