Classics You May Have Missed: Z-ro – Look What You Did To Me

If you know me, you know Z-ro is my favorite rapper. But that’s not why I call this a classic, rather this album being a classic is part of what makes Z-ro my favorite rapper. I’d never be into hip-hop music this deep if I never heard Z-ro. Onto this album though.

As you can see, Look What You Did To Me is Z-ro’s debut album and you can barely tell because he has veteran skill. He sounds like he’s been rapping for a minute (that means a while for those of you who aren’t big on slang) with his rapid-fire delivery, superior breath control, transitions, song structure, you-name-it. This LP depicts some of the greatest cadence techniques in hip-hop while still having meaningful lyrics. In the end of the last verse of the song, R U Down?, Z-ro showcases a hungry and ferocious flow that’s reminiscent of a rabid pit bull snapping at you from its cage. Or in the song, Mercy, he exhibits perfect breath control and he delivers a verse that evolves and molds its way around the beat so smoothly while still being double time (or faster).

Despite the violent theme in the majority of the album, it still has some content to it also. In his song, And 2 My G’s, he makes a song about all his partners that have passed away and how much he appreciate(s/d) them; and does so with such deep passion that you can almost empathize with him as if it was your friend too. Ro’s lyrics are also very poetic on this album. Ghetto crisis shows this in how he depicts the mind of a brainwashed ghetto mentality. He also shows a lot of poetic imagery of insanity in the closing song, Z-ro the Crooked, saying

“Hallucinations are tricking me,

Making me think I’m about to die

Could it be that fire?

Does someone really have a 3.57 plus 3 pointed at me

They givin me sketches of rectangles and squares

Askin me

What does this mean to me?”

And even has other music talents like singing, making such great and catchy hooks, and even using a reggae-inspired style.

This is an excellent album from start to finish and somewhat of an apex as far as technical skills go. You have to listen to this if you’re a fan of hip-hop music. You can get it off iTunes and Amazon, or check it out on YouTube, but just listen.


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