Discovering Music

I was surfing the net today and came upon this question posted on Reddit (link) saying: Who is an artist you initially thought was whack, but grew to love.

This question is interesting because a lot of the time in Hip-Hop people seem to judge artists to quickly and sort of stereotype them or pigeonhole them into some kind of whack category. For example, a lot of people hate Danny Brown solely because of his voice or will blow off Cam’Ron because he makes something silly like “Cookies and Apple Juice”.

The way I evaluated rappers has changed a lot since I first started gettin into Hip-Hop. At first I would hear one song from an artist, like it, then look up their other stuff and be like okay I like this guy or just be like oh only one good song, but that was back before I used youtube and downloaded free albums and all that. Nowadays I listen to just about everything, and I prefer listening to whole albums over like the most popular songs on iTunes because sometimes people won’t understand other songs or just don’t listen. Plus, some albums start bad and start picking up later so you never know. Plus, a lot of the time you just don’t get albums the first listen. For example, I didn’t think El-P’s Cancer 4 Cure was all that great the first few listens, but then it clicked and I thought it was brilliant. But we’ll get into that later.

Check out that question above. And also, how do you guys discover and evaluate new music?

On a side note, if you haven’t already check out rMell’s mixtape, NEOGEO



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