Classics You May Have Missed: Knine – Born Again


Since it’s Sunday I thought I’d introduce ya’ll to a little Holy Hip-Hop. Nah, I just needed something to post, I was going to post this anyway.

Knine is rapper from Milwaukee who is no stranger to hard times, the ghetto, etc. I found out about him through my cousin who got his CD from a member of his church who apparently knew him. At first, I listened to him and was like “oh he’s OK I guess, nice christian rapper”, but as I got older and revisited the album I understood more of the depth to his rhymes. I don’t like putting artists in a box, but Knine is not your everyday christian rapper. He raps the real and from his heart. He’s very relateable to anyone from the ghetto or anyone who’s been through hard times in general. In his song, “In My Shoes” he spits with such deep passion that isn’t often heard on the mic.

Knine displays some of the best creative conceptual skills that I’ve hear in Rap music. For example, in the song “Dime” he has a concepts about if he had a dime for every time God blessed him how prosperous he’d be and vice versa. Or “Dear Cuz” where the song is a letter to his cousin in the penitentiary. This album is just filled with gems, good production, great rapping. Makes sure you pick it up on iTunes or Amazon. You’d be hard pressed to find the songs for free anywhere, but they may be on youtube. You might get lucky and hear them on pandora if you put knine for the station artist.


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