Classics You May Have Missed: Zion I – Mind Over Matter

Classics You May Have Missed is gonna be another little section where I talk about older albums that were really good, but not very popular.


Zion I has been making music for over a decade. The duo supposedly met in college in Atlanta and the rest was history. They’ve been making splashes in the underground west coast scene ever since.

This album, Mind Over Matter, is my favorite album of theirs and a classic. This early work from the group displays a deep spiritual content and a smooth electro-boom bap style. A truly unique spin on Hip-Hop at the time and an excellent listen. As a fan for over 5 years I can tell you that this album never gets old. The MC, Zumbi displays a great repertoire of rapping talents with his thought-provoking lyrics and positive concepts, while DJ Amplive makes some of the most wonderful and chill beats. Not to mention that their chemistry is nearly flawless. This album is a must listen for any hip-hop fans and even electronica fans to some degree.

You can purchase Mind Over Matter (link) on iTunes.

Orrrr on bandcamp. You can now stream this gorgeous musical goodness. Ya’ll are so lucky.


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