PSA: Stop Dickriding!

If you interact with a lot of other hip-hop fans then you’ve probably ran into a dickrider.  Most popular rappers have dickriders, stans, biased fans, what have you and it’s pretty much one of the worse things in the hip-hop community. Generally this wouldn’t be something to care about, but it is in hip-hop because of the competitive nature of the genre. The presence of dickriders deeply hurt the progression of rap music. The voice of these kind of fans squelch the voice of unbiased listeners who would generally criticize the artist when they’re at fault. This essentially is what makes artists like, Lil’ Wayne or Kanye West decline in talent or at least in the quality of their music because stans will approve of anything they put their name on.

There are also worse cases when these guys sort of squander other artists. A good example is when an Eminem stan says “K-Rino sucks!!1” because he made a diss to Eminem concerning a song he made disrespecting black women (which I feel was justified, but that’s not the point). When you mention other artists to a close-minded listener, they often won’t even listen to said artist or consider that they may have good music; but even if they do they do with a skeptic ear. They’ll hear one song and be like “this isn’t THAT good” and stop because they’re so far on their favorite rapper’s dick.

Regional fans are pretty bad too, actually they’re absolutely awful. An extreme example is the East vs. West coast beef back when Tupac and Biggie were still alive. These type of fans are usually from New York, rap purists who hold on to the fact that New York was essentially the birthplace. Again this hurts everyone because people who are subject to this NY exclusivity dislike the place, while NY pretty much disregards everyone not from the place.

So basically if you want hip-hop to flourish please stop this dickriding. These kind of attitudes are contagious, and lots of people don’t even realize their doing it. When you point it out, they get defensive so they never really notice how biased they are. Always be open to other music and opinions, you never know what you might be missing out on because of your stubbornness.

On a side note, some of ya’ll may have heard of a “hood rapper” on worldstarhiphop, making beats by pounding and tapping a pen. Well he’s still here, check one of his newer videos and subscribe to his youtube: 


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